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Ritu Coffee Guatemala El Cambote Geisha 150g

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Origin: Hacienda Santa Rosa Buenos Aires – La comandancia, Huehuetenango – Guatemala.

Altitude: 1800 -1900masl

Variety: Geisha

Taste Profile: Jasmine , white pear and creamy

Process: Washed. Hand-picked between March-May 2020. Washed with natural mountains spring waters (no chemicals) and natural sun dry.
About HSRBA:
HSRBA is located at the km 332 of the north InterAmerican road, La Democracia district in Huehuetenango region and it was initially a plantation dedicated to cultivation and production of corn and sugar cane. HSRBA was founded in 1862 by Don Lorenzo Alfaro, today it is currently run by the 4th generation of the Alfaro family in its 158 years of existence.

HSRBA has begun with coffee plantation back in 1950’s with initially producing Arabica Coffee variety of Bourbon and Tipica. Its from 2010 that the currently manager of HSRBA, Mr. Gustavo Alfaro decide to enlarge the plantation production by introducing unique and pure seeds of varieties like: Gesha – Pacamara - Novo World - SL28 – Mokka – Laurina & Yellow Bourbon.

HSRBA is currently dedicated to the production of Unique, pure and Single State Coffee under very strictly environmental protocols for the preservation of the indigenous Central American forest as well as its flora and fauna. Furthermore, the creation of stable sources of work represent one fundamental aspect for HRSBA principle and protocols.